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Have you tried not cleaning yourself for a week? You would smell bad for sure. Now imagine the smell of someone not having a bath for 60 years?

Ramou Hadji lives in Dejgah village located in the Southern part of Iran in the province of Far. Hamou never cleaned himself for the past 60 years. He refuses to bathe because bathing makes him sick. If you offer clean food and clean water to drink he will get mad. Clean things makes him sick. Not only that he never bathed for 60 years but in isolated places he smokes the turds of animals. 

According to the Tehran Times, Ramou suffered from emotional set back in his youth and decided to live in isolation. 

He lives in isolation and adapted a nomadic lifestyle. Besides filling up his smoking pipes with animal turds and never taking bathes, he also eats rotten dead animals. His favourite of all is the rotten dead porcupine.

He smokes regular cigarettes but he will light many of them at a time.

When it is cold hadji will put on his helmet to protect him from cold. Sometimes he lives on the ground other times he lives in an open brick shack which was built by those who took pity on him.
If he needs to cut his hair he just uses fire to burn it to make it shorter. 

Once in a while his tiny mirror catches a glimpse of his rugged stinky self. For 60 years his lifestyle makes him proud and content.


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