Moms in China are making breast milk soap bars to sell. One Chinese mom said she sold almost 300 soap bars on the net and she is getting more orders. Another mom said that she learned how to make breast soap from a tutorial on the internet.

According to Want China Times some Chinese mothers are manufacturing soap from milk left over after feeding their babies.
The bar soaps are becoming a popular item to be sold online.

"I made it from my own milk. Look! My son is here," a soap seller on the internet said to an undercover reporter from the Hunan-based news website Huasheng Xianshang. “Will the soap have bacteria?” asked the reporter. The seller replied: “No.”
Yet another Chinese mom claimed that she used her extra milk to bathe her baby and it makes her baby skin smooth and white.
The soap bar sellers on the website, Taobao claim that the soap “Whitens and protects skin.”
A doctor from China said that people should stop buying them. The breast milk is said to be full of nutrients but in the process of soap making those nutrients will be destroyed. There is no guarantee that the soap contains no virus in it.

Doctors explained that the soap bars most likely lose beautifying properties. “The active matter contained in the milk is destroyed, so there are few nutrients left. In fact, if the woman selling the product is not in good health, it’s possible that diseases could be transmitted.” a doctor said to Hong Kong based Wen Wei Po.
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