Now that you are ready to go to Korea you need to have a second plan just in case something will go wrong once you get there. Always have a reserve plan to protect yourself when you get there.
If you have a friend in South Korea already teaching you should let your friend know about your plan. Let the friend know about your scheduled flight so that if the school fails to pick you up you have someone to pick you up and you can have a place to stay for a night. It can happen that the school will not show up when you get at the airport. Sometimes (rarely) it can also happen that when you get there you will discover there is no school at all that hired you.

    1. Passport
    2. Diploma
    3. Any Certificates
    4. Transcript of records

Do not by any means give up any of the original documents to the school. Keep them. They are yours to keep not them. Without these documents you will be faced with a tough decision to stay until the agreed contract will end because of your documents. Whereas, if you keep them because it is very easy for you to break the contract when they start to be confusing and keep breaking the contract first.

Write down the emergency police number just in case you have any problems. If you cannot settle the differences between you and the ESL school and for example, they will not give you your documents when you decide to stop working. When the School administrator starts to threaten not to give your salary and your own documents. Then Knowing where to call is really good. Let the authorities know what is going on. Let them get what belongs to you in the first place which is your documents. 

Keep the number of your embassy at hand. When you have any trouble that requires help from your embassy you can contact them right away if you have their number in your address book.

  1. HOUSING AGREEMENT: The agreement usually for the housing is that you will be staying in the furnished housing. Sometimes they will not give you furnished housing.
  2. MOVING: There are times that the ESL school that hires you is open for franchise. If it happens that the school will decide to transfer you to the franchised school they will moved you anytime they decided to. If they transfer you, it could be anytime, even the middle of the night. This is usually different from the agreement you have had when they hired you .
  3. WORKING HOURS: The schedule of teaching ESL will be different from one school to another. It could be from 6 in the morning to 11 in the evening depending on the school. Some of them will ask you to teach during the weekends. Again, it depends on the school if they are going to pay you for the extra hours you work on the weekends. Usually hours worked beyond hours agreed to in your contract should and are paid overtime.
4. INCONSISTENCIES: Some questionable schools may have many changes to what you already agreed upon. Talk to your employer. If you are still confused/angry/not satisfied with all the changes and still have not come to a mutual agreement, decide what you want to do. But remember, slavery has been abolished a long time ago. So stay or perhaps pack your bags and escape without them knowing? It's really up to you....

If you have done your thorough research you should be able to find a reputable school and thus avoid the problems discussed above.


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