Have you heard about the “No Pants Subway Ride?” The “No Pants Subway Ride” was started by 7 males in 2002 in New York. The early days of the "No Pants Subway Ride" included a “Pants Seller” that kept the pants and sold the pants back for one dollar when the activity was over. But as the participants increased in number they found out that many people were not able to get back their pants. Then they decided to remove the “Pants seller” part of the activity. Here is the simplified history of the No Pants Subway Ride. Feel free to add if I missed something.

Year           No Pants Subway Ride
2002 Started by 7 males. Participants tried to ignore each other as they enter the subway and at the 7 consecutive stops. The plan was if someone would ask, they would answer “just forgot”.
2003 The No Pants had 30 participants. Including some women.
2004 There were 40 participants and was featured on 20/20.
2005 Participants were 50 people and was filmed by “This American Life” TV show.
2006 There were 150 participants. They were stopped by a cop and forced to exit the train. Eight were handcuffed but the judge dismissed the charges later because it is not illegal to wear underwear in public.
2007 There were 300 participants and this time involved different groups of people. Police were present not to stop them but to make sure the activity was enjoyed peacefully. Since many people lost their pants in the past year they decided to hid their pants in their backpacks. No more “Pants Seller” this time.
2008 They have 900 participants and the first time to go international and 9 cities joined the fun. There are as many women as men. Toronto and Australia joined the event.
2009 There were 1,000 participants about 21 other cities joined across the globe.
2010 This year there were 5000 participants in 44 cities around the    world.
2011 There were 3,500 in New york and thousand more in many different cities.
2012 There were 4,000 participants in New York and thousand more in 59 cities in 29 countries. Istanbul participated in the eleventh No Pants ride but they were arrested.
2013 There were 4,000 in New York,  thousands more in 60 cities all over the world including Shanghai and Hong Kong.

The "No Pants Subway Ride" was started by just seven guys has grown into an international celebration of silliness. Anybody that boards the train can remove their pants, leaving only underwear. Participants are just random. They usually do it in the winter. If you want to participate you just have to remove your pants put them in your back pack so you can put your pants back on any time you decided you have done enough silliness for a day. Participants act as if you do not know each other so if you want to participate do the same. Remember only No Pants, you can wear scarves, gloves, hats or jackets.

This year the annual No Pants day was held January 12, 2014. It was joined by tens of thousand around the world. If you missed it this year there is always next year to enjoy the " No Pants Subway Ride" silliness. The oldest person that joined this year was 71 and the youngest was 3 months old.

The “improveverywhere” said that they will announce the date of the "No Pants Subway Ride" every year in early December. If you’re interested in participating in 2015 in New York or anywhere else in the world, all you have to do is to sign up for their mailing list.

The 2014 No Pants was a great success.

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