Teaching in South Korea is exciting if you have landed in a good ESL school. So, if you are newbies it would be better to do some research first. There are many ESL schools that are always looking for native English speakers to teach ESL. But first let me help you know how to search a good school and what are the things you need to do as you search teaching ESL Korea across the web. 
Key Words to put in the search browser:
1. “ESL Korea”
2. “Teaching ESL Korea”
3. “School in Korea”
4. “Job in Korea”
These are the search words that will help you expand your search in the web. Links will pop up if you put these words in the browser search link and click on it. 

Taking notes as you search the web for ESL Korean school:
                        1. SALARY: Salary ranging from 1,500 US and up.
      1. LOCATION OF THE SCHOOL: Many locations of the ESL schools are in the city and some are not. If you like living in the city like Seoul or Inchon try to find some schools that are found in these areas of which there are plenty.
      2. DEALS OFFERED: You have to remember that to rent an apartment or house is extremely expensive. If free housing is not part of the deal you might not be able to save money especially if the school is only paying you miniscule pay. Air fare should be included in the package. Some schools will offer airfare up front but many will reimburse you on arrival. You really need to do through research to find a reputable school that has been established for a long time. There have been instances of ESL teachers arriving to find the school shut down.
      3. APPOSTILLE YOUR DOCUMENTS: Most of the ESL schools in Korea require applicants to submit their diploma and transcript of records that are apostilled. Different countries have different ways of doing it. Countries that have bilateral agreements with Korea have easier way of doing it.
6. READ THE SCHOOL REVIEWS: As much as possible learn about the school you are trying to apply. Some ESL teachers that have bad experiences strive to warn others from making the same mistakes they made. So read their reviews. Avoid the school that has bad reviews.
Make a decision:
1. Submit your application to the ESL school that has a good salary, good hours of work and has good reviews.
        1. Wait for an interview
        2. If you have not received any email from the ESL schools you applied don't give up. Keep searching.
        3. Find a recruiter. If nothing happens in your search find an ESL recruiter. They will help in the process of applying things needed to be done and will do an initial interview for you. There are many free recruiters to use to find an ESL teaching job in South Korea. Make sure you research the recruiters before choosing one to use.


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