The so called “virgin boy eggs” are very popular snacks in China. The “virgin boy eggs” are eggs cook using the pee from young boys. Before you judge them you have to listen up, who knows one day you may need to eat “virgin boy eggs” for your ailments. The eggs cooked with boys` pee is said to have healing properties.
Ingredients needed:

1. You need buckets of pee. They are not just pee but pee from boys aged 10 or younger. If you do not have any boys age 10 or younger you can bring your buckets to the primary
school toilets so that boys can pee in them.
 2. You need eggs. 

Put eggs in the pot. Make sure the eggs are covered with the boy’s pee. Now start the fire. Check on the pot all the time. If it needs more pee, pour more in the pot then also watch the fire. Adjust the fire when the eggs all cracked. You have to simmer it almost all day.
The Result:
While cooking the eggs there should be an inviting fragrance all over the air. Expect the cooked eggs to have a fresh and salty flavour.
The Pee-eggs and their benefits to health (as they claim):
Decrease body heat
Promote blood circulation
Reinvigorate the body
Can alleviate pain in waist, legs and joints
They can prevent stroke 

Although this tradition has been in practice for centuries. There is no rational explanation why the

pee eggs have to be cooked with young boys` pee and not with pee from any sex or age.

Would you try the pee eggs?

Me? No. How about you?  



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