Have you heard about Catarina Migliorini? She is an average looking woman from Brazil claiming to want to help the poor in her community. To accomplish her cause, she became a busy bee auctioning her virginity not only once but 3 times to those willing to bid for a higher price. The first auction was promoted by Australian filmmaker Justin Sisley.

Catarina Migliorini auctioned her virginity on the internet for the third time. The highest current bidder listed on her website is offering US$430,000. The bidding is open for men and women who want to buy her virginity via the internet. The starting bid according to her website was US$100,000.
When she first auctioned her virginity a Japanese man by the name “Natsu” offered US$780,000.
"Natsu" outbid all other 15 rivals from different parts of the world. But unfortunately “Natsu” did not match the price that was agreed upon and Natsu claimed to be 53 years old turned out to be only 21. So from that meeting with “Natsu” she came back home still a virgin and more determine than ever of selling her virginity. She auctioned her virginity again, only this time it is on her own website. She auctioned her virginity last November of 2013 until supposedly December 12, 2013 but it is extended until February 2014.

She is selling her virginity through the internet and the portion of the money she is getting will be donated to her community Santa Catarina. She does not believe that her behaviour is considered prostitution.

Her mother does not agree with what she is doing but according to the report she still loves her. 

When it first came out. It caused a lot of mixed opinion with the public.
Some people think it is not wrong to auction off her virginity for charity. While the majority consider her action as prostitution. According to the survey 1 in every 5 people are willing to pay for sex for a charity.

While the auction is going on at this moment, she is also considering a marriage proposal from an Arab millionaire who offered US$1.5 million to her. The Arab millionaire is offering her money, marriage and a mansion to live in.

Do you consider her action a prostitution? Are willing to sell your self to help others?

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