There are many reasons why we should practice good posture. There is no doubt good posture is good for our overall health. According to some experts walking like you are depressed (head bent forward) is not good for breathing. This posture reduces the air supply that you breathe and you are at risk of dying early. Good posture reduces strain and muscle pain. A good posture increase one’s personal look and as a result gives the person self confidence.

Steps to Good Posture
A. Standing
1. Feet high parallel, about 6 inches apart.
2. Head high, as if balancing a book on the head.
3. Chest out.
4. Stomach and hips firm.
5.Weight slightly forward, over the balls of the feet, and distributed evenly on each foot.
Knees very lightly flexed- NOT LOCKED.
6. Abdomen and back as flat as possible.

B. Sitting
1. Sit back in the Chair, so that hips touch the back of the chair; feet flat on the floor.
2. Sit Tall.
3. Rock forward from the hips when writing.
4. Keep chest out, and neck in line with upper back.

C. Walking
1. Knees and ankles limber, toes points straight ahead.
2. Legs close together-Don’t WALK LIKE A DUCK.
3. Swing legs forward from hip joints.
4. Lift feet off the ground-Don’t SHUFFLE.
5. Head and Chest High.
6. Shoulders free and easy-NO PULLING OR TENSION.
7. The heel touches the ground first-in each step, the progression is: HEEL OUTSIDE OF FOOT, TOES.

Adapted from the November,1947, Issue of “School Life,” official journal of the Office of Education, U.S. Department of Health, Education, and Welfare
                  Also found in You and Your Health, Vol.3 p.40 1970,1978


Don't forget to practice good posture in walking, sitting and standing. It’s good for your

health, looks and self confidence. Sit, stand and walk like you are the most important person in the universe.

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