“An eye for an eye a tooth for a tooth.” Are you familiar with that bible text? Even non-Christians know about it. It is the golden rule. Will following this rule help keep society in control?

Just recently I heard about a woman from Philippines (Pangasinan) who gouged out her moms’ eyeballs and ate them. Isn’t it gross to eat someone’s eyeballs, more so when you do it to someone that you knew all your life, your mother?

I could not figure out what the woman was saying inside the jail cell. She was holding an empty plastic coke bottle inside the cell and kept repeating in English, “it’s a secret” and talking in her dialect.
images from ABSCBN /   The woman who gouged the eyeballs of her mom

The doctors tried to save the mother’s sight but failed to do so.

The woman for sure is deranged. They should bring her to the psychiatric hospital for proper assessment.

Their house in Urbiztondo, Pangasinan

It would be so scary to put her back in the community when she is not treated. I am sure her mother’s eyeballs will not be the first and last eyeballs she is going to eat.


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