Forget the daisies... this is how you know...

A girl who likes a guy would always want to know if the guy likes her too. Well... well... well...worry not girls... according to an expert, men signal if they like women. Look below if you want to decode their signals.

Does he sit with his legs apart?


If a guy is sitting down like this in front of you, that means he’s interested in you.

Does he touch his hair?

This means he wants to look better for you. The hair is a sure sign that he likes you. He might also straighten his tie or remove the dirt from his pants.

Does he try to copy you?



If he mirrors your gestures or action then he likes you. It is said that when people are in love they try to copy each others gestures and expressions even the tone of voice.

Does he draw attention to his crotch?


If a guy likes you he always wants you to draw attention to his crotch. An expert said that a lot of men’s flirtatious body language is connected to that region.

Does he use open body language?



This means he looks comfortable and approachable. If he does cross his arms this means he’s cutting himself off.

Does he put his hands on his hips?


When around a girl, a guy who likes that girl will put his hands on his hips. It means he is making himself more noticeable. He is drawing your attention to say “look at me!” “Look how big I am!”

Does he leans towards you?

A man tries to lean closer to the woman he likes.

I think if you see just one signal from a guy-it is kind of lame to conclude that he likes you. Maybe wait for more combinations of signals before saying he likes you.

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