When I was a little girl, my neighbour had a parrot, a bully parrot. He called people “fatty” if you are fat passing by his house and other names you won’t expect to be called. 


Anyway, I am going to tell you about a parrot named Hercule who helped the police and Vijay Sharma in the quest for justice. Hecule the parrot solved the mystery of a murder case in the best way he could. He screamed every time he saw and heard the killer’s name which gave the Indian authorities a reason to interrogate and finally bring the killer to justice.

Hercule the parrot witnessed the murder of Neelam Sharma and the family dog (don't know the dog's name). Neelam was murdered and for fear that the family dog will lead the killer to the authorities, the killer killed the dog as well. The murderer underestimated Hercule the parrot. Thinking the bird won’t recognized him, Hercule the parrot was spared.

After the incident Hercule became unusually quiet. He was probably scared for his little life and was depressed from what he had witnessed. Poor little birdie was traumatized.

The police had no lead in the case so they were frustrated. They did not know where to start and how to solve the case.

But one day, the nephew of Vijay Sharma named “Ashutosh” visited the house. Unexpected things happened. Hercule the parrot started to flap his wings and scream at the top of his lungs. And he did it every time he heard the name"Ashutosh". Well... well... well the uncle (Vijay) called the police and the police questioned the nephew “Ashutosh”.

The nephew owned up to the killing of his uncle’s wife Neelam Sharma. Because of Hercules the parrot, Vijay found closure and I am sure Hercule too found peace in his little birdie life.

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