The Con

Ebay supposedly was fun way to go shopping until I figured out that there was a seller that was up to no good and ruined the fun. I ordered a mini SD card on eBay from China but my order did not arrived. A tiny monkey did arrive at my doorstep instead (what the heck?).

Affirmation that I was Scammed:
The seller was was no longer a registered user on eBay.
Feedback about the seller was all negative which was not showing until after I ordered.
Paypal will not give my cash back because the seller has proof that he sent an item to me. The monkey was sent by registered mail. Sending it back registered (as required by Paypal) to the unknown seller will cost more than the refund. So it’s pointless to return the monkey. The con-artist Chinese seller wins with his scam and Paypal will not refund as they claim they will if you use Paypal for your Ebay purchase. This means that I the customer gets scammed by the seller and Paypal.

Avoid getting Scam:
As much as possible avoid buying an item from a private seller, especially from China.
Check all the feedback from the sellers if available.
Avoid paying with cash and Paypal as they won’t give mine back.
Check all the information of the seller and how many items sold.
Pay with a credit card as you can dispute transactions.

I do buy from private sellers from North America and I never got scammed, only from China.

If you are a con-artist you should stop ruining the fun of shopping online. It is not good to scam people and no good that you do will come back to you. 


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