OK now don't get excited... If guys have their own likes her signals, women have them too. That is because our body language is hard wired to our brain to perform unconscious signals. OK guys get ready to decode girls signals.


If she is fondling a phallic-shaped object, stem of a wine glass or a dangling earring and giving you repeated glances, she finds you attractive. She is simply saying, I am here waiting...I am approachable.


If a woman slowly stroking her neck, throat or thighs, it is sort of an invitation for you. She wants to say..touch me this way.

Knee Pointing:
If a woman is sitting with her knee pointing toward you it means she finds you interesting.

Face Display:
If a woman is doing this, she is trying to say you have my attention, I admire you.

Flick of the hair:

It is said that the twirling or flicking of hair is a favourite flirting signal of women. Experts claim that it allows a woman to expose her armpit and thus "waft" pheromones to the man. Also, another explanation is that it is a way of exposing her neck, a well known erogenous zone. Some researchers even claim it attracts attention to her "healthy" hair.
This signal is simply saying look at me. I have healthy hair.
 Now you know the basics of female signals – go out and find a girlfriend.
Sometimes women give mixed messages to men. But do not worry, if she will reject you, just find another one. At the right time and at the right place she will cross your path.
Just avoid getting slapped!
Happy Valentine’s day everyone!

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