Flappy bird is considered the most popular game at the moment. I think it is because of its combination of different games put together. The Piou Piou games by a French developer, the obstacles and the character from Cheep Cheep birds and the green tubes found in Nintendo’s Super Mario Bros series.

The game:
The game went viral after being used and promoted by many social media users. It was also reviewed on the You Tube channel for more than 22 million subscribers.

The game has simple graphics. It is considered a difficult game to play because of the difficulty to keep the bird in the air for few seconds. Then it will hit an obstacle and fall.

Game is really over:
Flappy cannot fly anymore since Dong Nguuyen who created the game removed it. He said the fame ruined his simple life.
His tweets did not say that the removal has something to do with the legal issues.

The Users Response:
Some users petition for its return. But others who have it on their phone are selling their phones on Ebay right now. The real price offered right now is $99,000USD or $110,000CAD. The buy now price is $1,000,000 USD.

So if you have it in your phone--- put your phone up for sale on Ebay. I am scrambling to find mine now!

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