Do you know that Korea and Japan celebrate valentines day differently from the Western world? It is quite similar in the way that the celebration is commercially driven.


In Korea and Japan, they celebrate it this way. On February 14, Valentines day, girls celebrate by giving chocolate to the guys. Girls can exchange chocolate among themselves. If the guy is very popular in a work place, girls will give him expensive chocolates. If the guy is not a popular guy, girls will only give the guy the cheapest chocolates they can find in the store. Sucks, doesn't it? 


Their Valentines day celebration does not end on that day. On March 14, it is the guys turn. The guys will buy gifts for the girls that have given them chocolates on February 14. Guys are expected to buy gifts 3 times more expensive than the chocolate they received from the girls. The gifts are not limited to only chocolates. Guys also give jewelry, dresses, lingerie or other things.

If the guy is being cheap and gives gifts cheaper than received, that means he does not want to be friends anymore. If the guy gives gifts with the same price it means he thinks too highly of himself like a “superior”.

www.google.ca     /     Black bean noodles for losers

In Korea there is a twist. If you are alone and nobody gives you gifts that day, it's time for you to go to a Korean restaurant and eat black-noodles to mourn your “loserness” on Valentines day.


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