Other people can tell a lot of things about us. When we glance, when our pupils dilate and constrict can send negative or positive messages. The rate of our blinks, the way our eyeballs look up, look down, look to the left and to the right signifies messages of both lies and truth.
Normal eye contact at someone during the conversation is 50%. If you look at the person from 50% to 70 % or more it is considered uncomfortable eye contact. It is said that 70% of liars maintain strong eye contact which is more than what is considered normal.
    The look 
Sideways glance with eyebrows raised means that person likes you.
Narrowed eyes are sometimes considered threatening, especially when followed by a head move.

        The blinks
Our eye blink rate will change if we like someone. Blinking more than the average 6-10 times per minute can be a sign of attraction to the person you are talking to.
A person’s blink rate increase can also signify a person is lying. The more he lies the more his blink increases.
    The wink
In most cultures it is consider a form of flirting. However you should be careful in using this as others consider winking rude.
    The pupil
    Your pupils will constrict or dilate in reaction to how you feel.

    Pupils Dilated                       
  • Someone is interested
  • The room is bright or becomes brighter
  • The brain works harder Hess and Polt (1964) or in the process of solving a problem
  • Sexually aroused
  • In pain
  • On drugs with amphetamines, cocaine, lysergide acid diethylamide (LSD)

    Pupils Constricted
  • Disgusted
  • Drunk
  • On drugs with opioids
The eyeballs (When left handed do the reverse)
  • Look up to right

    Thinking about something that happened visually 
  • Sideways to right

    Thinking about something they heard 
  • Down to right

    Talking to themselves
  • Look up to Left

    Constructing up a lie visually 
  • Sideways to Left
    Constructing or thinking up a lie orally 
  • Down to Left
    Thinking about something they did

  • Look straight quickly

    Thinking of something that happened visually

    Bruno Mars said in the lyrics of his song “Oh, her eyes, her eyes, Make the stars look like they’re not shining’”. It shows the eyes are a powerful sense that can overpower any galactic being in the universe. More than anything else the eyes can let others know our feeling inside whether it is love, hate or lies.


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