If you can use one hand to communicate something- you can also use both hands to do the talking for you. But remember just as one handed gestures can communicate both positive and negative messages, two handed gestures can also send the messages.
  • The Kohanic or Priestly Blessing 
    (one handed version is the Vulcan Salute)


                                         May the LORD bless you and guard you
  • Air quotes
                                           Quoting something, someone said
  • Añjali Mudrā
    Is a sign of respect among yoga practitioners. It is made by pressing the palms together.
  • Hand Clapping
                                             Is an expression of approval
    But, I clapped my hands sometimes when I am sarcastic. I think I am not the only one who “Claps out of sarcasm”.
  • Turtle Hands or Awkward Turtle
    Used to mark an awkward moment. One hand is placed flat on top of the other. Both palms facing down fingers extended outward. The hand thumbs stuck out to the sides. Thumbs are moved as flippers.
  • Batsu

    In Japan, it is a gesture made by crossing both arms in the shape of an "X". It means something is "wrong" or "no good".
  •  Bras d'honneur

                              Just like the finger "Up yours" or “I don't give a F***ck”
    This is an offensive gesture by flexing one elbow while holding the bent arm with the opposite hand.
  • Forefinger Rub

                                                       "shame on you"
    When you point one index finger at a person then rub the other against it. Meaning an other person has done something shameful or you disapprove what the other person is doing.
  • Hand-rubbing
                                       Means feeling cold or anticipating something.
                                        I see a lot of people doing this in the winter.
  • Jazz hands

                                   I use this to express my excitement...yeah!
                                           Sometimes this gesture means "No"
    Also used in dance or other performances by displaying the palms of both hands with fingers spread. 
  • Mani Giunte a.k.a. “Mother of God”

                                           In Italy it is used to express disbelief
     Put both palms together in prayer and move them down and back up towards your chest repeatedly.
  • Mano a Borsa 
                 "what do you want" or "what are you saying" or "what is your point"
  It is an Italian gesture used when something is unclear. It is created by extending all the    digits on the hand bringing them together with palms facing up and moving the hand up and down by the action of the wrist. This gesture can be done with either hand or both hands.
  • Merkel-Raute

                       The “calm and power of a chancellor" You are in good hands...
    This gesture is considered as "probably one of the most recognizable hand gestures in the world", the signature gesture of Angela Merkel.
  • Quenelle
    The gesture was created by French comedian Dieudonné M'Bala M'Bala. It is often associated with anti Zionism or antisemitic sentiments. Also, this gesture is compared to the bras d'honneur and the Nazi salute. It is made by touching the shoulder of an outstretched arm with the palm of the other hand.
  • Victory clasp
    Is used to exclaim victory by clasping the hands together and shaking them to one's side. 
  • Whatever
                                                            " Don't care!"
Thumb and forefinger of both hands form the letter "W". Used to signal that something is not worth the time and energy.


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