If you give a gift to your mama usually it is something nice and special not sticks of dynamite. But as much as it is an unbelievable gift to be given to anybody ---it really happened. Jack Graham did not care that his gift would kill his mama but also other people on board that day.

Jack’s conflict:
Jack was 3 when his dad died. His mother was financially hard up and couldn’t take care of him. She decided to put him in an orphanage. Years later his mother remarried a wealthy rancher. His mother Daisie King brought Jack home one Christmas holiday and she bought Jack a pony. It was an exciting day for Jack but it did not last long. Daisie King put Jack back in the orphanage after the Christmas holiday. Jack was in the orphanage while his pony stayed at the ranch. His unfortunate childhood years molded him into a cold and heartless human being, devoid of conscience.

He forged blank checks and bought a convertible from that money. He was also arrested in Texas for a different crime. Daisie, his mother had been helping to keep him out of jail. Daisie bought a restaurant where Jack worked. But not long after that it was vandalized. There was an explosion caused by a gas line that he probably disconnected. Jack also put his Chevy truck on the railroad and collected insurance money from that.
Jack’s gift:
When Jack learned that his mama was going to Alaska he packed his mother's luggage for her. Inside the luggage were 25 sticks of dynamite wrapped in Christmas paper. He also bought his mama $37,000 worth life insurance. According to the report, Daisie King’s will showed that she gave all her earthly possessions to Jack. His mother must have loved him so much without him seeing it. Whatever hatred he had for his mother, his mother must have known it and tried to make amends. But Jack’s hatred must have engulfed his entire being so much he couldn’t feel love anymore.

Bye-Bye Mama:
In November, United 629 was a Douglas DC-6B en route from Denver to Portland, Oregon. Daisie King along with 43 passengers and crew on board died from a fatal crash. Initial reports said the plane was in the air for 9 minutes and exploded mid-air. Others say it took 11 minutes after take off when the plane exploded and ironically it took 11 minutes in the gas chamber during Jack’s execution until his heart finally stopped.


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