Children in third world countries value education more than anything else. Some of these children are less fortunate but they do not allow the hardship stop them from going to school. No matter how far or dangerous the path to school, they are willing to take the risk just to learn.


Inflated tire tubes are commonly used by students in the Philippines to cross the river. More so if floods happen.

Another part of Bulacan Central Luzon, Philippines, students use this type of bridge to cross to the other side of the mountain for school.

If tricycles are available students can ride taking the seats on the roof or the side of it. They are not so particular about overloading vehicle with students.

Carabao is another way to take students to school. Carabao is a good preference if the school is very far and other transportation is not available in the area.


Chinese schoolchildren from the village of Genguan. These young kids walk along a dangerous path on the side of a cliff going to Bijie to attend classes. It is in southwest China's Guizhou Province.


In Hanoi Northern Vietnam...
Look at these beautiful boys and girls- they have no shoes- only slippers-others are barefoot and yet they do not mind as long as they can go to school and learn new things. In this picture they are queing up for a plastic bag ride. Some look anxious, can't blame them. It must be scary to cross the river inside a plastic bag.

They are to be put in the plastic bag to keep their clothes dry while adults will take them across the river.

If students are big enough, they can swim across the river with their things inside the plastic bag. Basically they go swimming twice a day which is before and after school. The river is 15 meters wide and 20 meters deep.


In Sanghiang Tanjung students have to cross the Ciberang River using a broken suspension bridge to reach the other side where their school is located.

In another Indonesian village In Sumatra, students have to use this. This is 30 feet above the river.

In another area students can use this

                                  or this.


Inside the sack is a little bother who is too young to make the crossing himself. It will take 60 seconds to get to the other side other the mountain.

The steel cables are 800 meters in length are strung 400m above the roaring Rio Negro.

Children in the third world countries faces challenges as well as they pass and cross all the dangerous broken bridges, cables and rivers. Some of these children attend classes missing meals as they have none.

Good luck to all the children especially those that are in dangerous places in the world. May the future hold an easier path for you all.


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