Do you know who you are? If you have been struggling to know your identity maybe you would like to try zentai or zenshintaitsu, (full body suit). Something like the picture below. 



Some women and men who belong to the zentai subgroup in Japan find the practice exciting. You can do things without showing your face. You don’t care what other people think of you for you are totally covered from head-to-toe. Your identity is hidden underneath the skin tight suit away from judging eyeballs.

Zentai offers a different way expressing someone’s identity. Someone said that “In Japan, many people feel lost; they feel unable to find their role in society. They have too many role models and cannot choose which one to follow.”

Most people that wear zentai thinks it’s liberating as some find a complete different way of self expression including the sexual expression, as one member said,
I like to touch and stroke others and to be touched and stroked like this.”

In zentai, the wearer feels it is a completely different kind of sensation experience. So if you have identity conflict maybe you would like to try zentai. See you in Japan.


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