Do you love your mom? Most of us will probably answer yes of course. The truth is...it is easy to say “I love my Mom” in words but not in action.

When your mom is too old to care for herself will you still love your mom enough to care for her?

because mom is old would you...
  • Throw Momma from the train?” just like this movie? 
    In this movie mom is old, so crabby, impatient and always put Owen (son) down all the time until he wanted mama dead. 
  • Bring your mom to the woods hoping she can't find her way back to your house?

  • Put your mom on an iceberg and let her float away to die?

  • Encourage your mom to sign a paper for euthanasia or overdose her medication to end her life as soon as possible because mom is intolerable and burdensome?

  • Put your mom in a cage with your pets?

         Some family from the third world whose mother has alzheimer would put their mom in  cage so she will not wander away.
  • Take care of your mom but would wash her once a year or change her diaper once in a while?
    Tara Dawn Smith

    A woman from Georgia was jailed for neglecting her mom's needs. Police say she hadn’t bathed her mother for months and forced her to lay in bed while her diaper was soiled. Her mom was packed with feces and as a result had 2 bedsores on her hips and had infected down to her bones.

  • Put her in an institution and visit her again if you can remember?

  • Offer mama to your god (cult)?
    The brothers that killed their mom

    This happened in Ampatuan, Philippines, three sons butchered their own mom or nanay (na.nigh) with a machete and feasted on her ...in an apparent ritualistic killing. They said their mom was possessed and they were just  trying to drive away the bad spirit that possessed her.
A mom's love:
You can do a lot of bad things to your mom when they are helpless but one thing I am sure, as long as your mom is able, she will care for you until she can no longer.

This is Zhang in 2011 (97 yo) feeding her invalid son in their home in Bozhou, Anhui province, China.

A song for every mom:
To all Maa, mami, Māma, Maman, Mamai, Em, Ima, Mā̃,Nanay, Mẹ, Mom, Mum Happy mother’s day!
    Thank you for everything mom...

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