Meriam, her family and her legal team

Khartoum: Meriam Ibrahim who was sentenced to be hung for apostasy and adultery was finally released Monday June 23, 2014. She was freed by the appeal court, her death sentenced was cancelled. But unfortunately on Tuesday, Miriam was re-arrested as she and her family were about to board the plane from Khartoum to South Sudan. She is now detained with her husband and two children in the airport's security building.

Forty to fifty National Security officials stopped Meriam Ibrahim and her family at the airport today, Tuesday June 24, 2014. At this time, nobody knows why they are detained. A report said that the officials only want to detain Meriam and the children but the husband did not want to leave her side, so the security detained Daniel Wani (husband) as well.

Meriam was sentenced in May 15, 2014 for apostasy and adultery. Under Sharia law in Sudan a Muslim woman can't change her religion and marry a Christian man. But a man can marry someone from other religious groups. Meriam claimed, she was never a Muslim. Her Muslim dad left and her Christian mom raised her as a Christian. She was given 3 days to renounce her Christianity but she refused. For Marrying a Christian man (adultery) she was sentenced to 100 lashes. For apostasy (change of religion), she was sentenced to death.

Women that were convicted of apostasy saved themselves by renouncing their Religion when told to do so.

This is another nightmare for this Christian family.  Wish them well.

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