Maria Kristina Sergio, Mary Janes's recruiter. She surrendered out of fear of death threats but not of conscience

Who said there in no Miracles? Well, here is one today, Mary Jane who is already on the execution Island in Indonesia is spared from the execution. That is unbelievable! But yes it's true.

Moments before before the execution, the call was made that the so called friend, neighbour and a recruiter surrendered to the Authorities.  The Recruiter surrendered out of her fear of death threats not because of conscience. 

The delayed execution is probably a torture for Mary Jane too knowing that the Indonesian government can carry out the punishment anytime.
With all that happen to her, Mary Jane always has unwavering faith in God. She was talking to her family and she said to the family to be strong and that God will make a way to spare her life.

The family almost gave up hope. While awaiting for the body after the execution the siblings learned that Mary Jane was spared from the execution. The other convicts were however executed as planned.

For now she is alive but not free and that calls for a celebration. Hope this is the beginning of more miracles to come in her life.

Filipinos...remember never carry any person's bag when traveling outside your country. Don't be naive!


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