The Indonesian government executed the eight prisoners except Mary Jane (MJ) Veloso from Philippines. MJ was brought back to the jail where she served time, after her sentenced was temporarily reprieved. 
The execution was cancelled a minute before it was carried out. Just like in a movie. The family said that the night of the execution they had vigil and prayers and all the lighted candles suddenly extinguished except one. They interpreted it as something impossible will happen that moment.

Andrew Chan

Andrew was arrested in Denpasar in April 2005, on a flight going back to Australia. He was not carrying drugs, but was found guilty of masterminding a drug smuggling ring and recruiting seven other Australians – the so-called Bali nine.
He became a committed Christian and a pastor, and spent much of his day in prayer or religious study, and counselling other prisoners.

He married his Indonesian girlfriend, Febyanti Herewila, in a ceremony on the eve of his execution. He got married on Nusa Kambangan, the prison island where he awaited the firing squad.

Myuran Sukumaran

Myuran awas arrested with Chan in 2005, he was 24. During his time in prison he has become an accomplished artist. His final painting is a heart dripping with blood signed by all nine condemned prisoners. 
Chinthu Sukumaran, brother of Myuran, said: “We did talk about the death penalty and he knows this is just a waste. He knows this is not going to solve anything with drugs.”
Myuran's family just like other families of the convicts had asked the president to show mercy. But the President did not.

Rodrigo Gularte

Rodrigo Gularte, has twice been diagnosed with schizophrenia, and is the second Brazilian to be shot by firing squad in Indonesia this year, 2015.

The Brazilian foreign ministry has declared the death sentence “unacceptable” and “contrary to the common sense and basic standards of human rights protection” in a letter sent on Monday to the government in Jakarta.

According to the story he was from a wealthy family in the state of Paraná. He was arrested at Jakarta airport in 2004 with 6kgs of cocaine hiding in a surfboard.

His lawyers have argued unsuccessfully that his history of mental illness made him unfit to stand trial. He was first diagnosed with a mental illness in 1982. It was also confirmed by the doctors that he has schizophrenia. 

Martin Anderson
Martin was sentenced to death in 2004 after being found guilty of possessing about 50g (1.8oz) of heroin. The 50-year-old travelled to Indonesia on a false passport and was thought to be Ghanian.
Martin was reportedly shot in the leg during his arrest. His lawyer told the media that he has been in poor spirits since being moved to Nusa Kambangan to face execution.

Raheem Agbaje Salami (also known as Jamiu Owolabi Abashin)

Raheem, 50 was homeless in Bangkok when a new “friend” offered him $400 to take some clothes to Indonesia. He was arrested in Surabaya with 5.5kg (12lb) of heroin and originally sentenced, in 1999, to life in prison.
He appealed for a for presidential clemency. Raheem admitted he had known he was carrying the drugs. His appeal was unsuccessful.

Silvester Obiekwe Nwolise

Silvester, 47, was convicted in 2002 of smuggling just over a kilogram of heroin into Indonesia. He was sentenced to death.
He was carrying tablets – which he swallowed – containing goat horn powder for some Nigerian friends in Pakistan. He had no translator during his trial, and there were rumours that a bribe was sought to spare him a death sentence.

Okwuduli Oyatanze

Okwuduli, 41, was sentenced to death in 2002, found guilty of attempting to bring 2.5kg of heroin through Jakarta in capsules. The capsules were inside his stomach.
Charles Burrows, a Catholic priest who has counselled says that Okwuduli had thought that being a drug mule would be “easy money”.

Zainal Abidin

Abidin, 50, an Indonesian, was moved to Nusa Kambangan in preparation for execution despite still having an appeal due to be heard by the courts. He was convicted in 2001 of being the ringleader to sell marijuana but he denied it.
Two men convicted with him, who he claims were the real masterminds of the ring, are now free.

Some condemned sang hymns during the execution and chose not to be blindfolded.


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