Lola inside Sama`s bag

Lampedusa, Italy: The cat named Lola and her human Sama joined thousands of people who travelled from Sudan to Libya then to Italy as a refugee. Lola was put in bag by her human and they both travelled from the Mediterranean to Italy.

From the North of Libya, Lola and Sama joined the others from Sudan and took a boat to cross the Mediterranean Sea. Their boat was rescued and taken to Lampedusa (Italian island) by a British rescue ship. Lola the cat was held back from her human who freaked until someone calmed her down. The authorities wanted to make sure that Lola does not have any contagious disease. Lola will be checked and vaccinated before she can be reunited with her human Sama in a migrant reception centre.

Sama and the cat Lola are so lucky to be able to reach Lampedusa Island. According to the UN, thousands tried the journey from Sudan but were not able to make it. Since January this year 1,800 migrants trying to cross the Mediterranean lost their lives through drowning.

This is the first time that a cat is also a refugee, taken by her own human in that arduous journey to Europe. By law, the cat is not allowed to leave the boat. I guess out of compassion as Lola is the only comfort of Sama, authorities found a solution to save Lola. If not the cat would have been thrown into the sea to drown.

The cat is really lucky to have such a loving human and that the mayor of Lampedusa Giusy Nicolini and the island's doctor Pietro Bartolo intervened to save Lola's little life.


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