Malaysia; An Oil tanker MT Orkim Harmony has been missing since Wednesday June 6, 2015. 
The tanker was carrying 5,879 tonnes of RON95 fuel belonging to Petronas worth RM21 million (S$7.5 million). 
The tanker has 22 crew members.

The tanker left Malacca on Wednesday and was to arrive at Kuantan port 10.30am Thursday but, unfortunately the tanker did not make it. Communication was lost at about 8.57pm. 

There is no trace of the Tanker but authorities believe it did not capsize. If it did, then the automatic sensors would have alerted the authorities.

Thirteen vessels have been involved in the mission to look for the missing oil tanker since day one.

Maritime Vice-Admiral Ahmad Puzi Ab Kahar said five aircraft also joined the search. Two from the Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency (MMEA), two from the Royal Malaysian Air Force and one from the Royal Malaysian Navy. 
The authorities have widening the search, that includes Malacca Strait, Sabah and Sarawak waters. They are also trying to search satellite images hoping to get some clue and answer to the missing tanker.

The authorities promise to continue the search until the tanker is found and the crew will be rescued.

According to a report the taker's last known location was 30 nautical miles off Tanjung Sedili.

In Kundasang, Home Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi said "insiders" could have been a factor in the tanker's disappearance. He added that the individuals that know the tankers movements might share the information to the people that caused the disappearance.

On March 8, 2014 the MH370 Malaysia Airlines' Boeing 777 aircraft went missing. No trace, No clue and there are no explanations of what caused the disappearance. The plane and all the people vanished without a trace. With this missing tanker incident also from Malaysia many people are beginning to speculate that if it is not hijacked the tanker probably is missing in a Bermuda triangle or maybe an alien abduction.

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