Jianli, China: Yangtze river is quite dangerous during the month of June. In June 1954, when this river over flowed it killed at least 33,000 people. In June of 1998 it also killed more than 4,000 people. Also this June a cruise ship capsized on Monday killing most of its passengers save 14 including the captain.
The Eastern Star was travelling upstream Monday night from the eastern city of Nanjing to the southwestern city of Chongqing when it overturned in China's Hubei Province in what state media reported as a cyclone with winds of up to 130 km/h.

According to a report, yelling for help was heard Tuesday, but not sure if the yelling was still heard on the next day. 
The storm was so intense that it flipped the boat over in minutes killing 396 mostly older tourists. It was known that the 14 survivors jumped off from the boat. Some are still missing. There were 456 passengers on the boat.


Most of the bodies retrieved were inside the vessel. State TV says the focus of the recovery operation is the top and bottom decks of the ship. 
The report also said that there are no signs of life inside the ship. Rescuers are searching the cabins of the four-level ship, which was righted and raised on Friday, looking for more bodies.

Chinese President Xi Jinping promised a thorough probe into the cause of the disaster. 
According to the Maritime agency records, the ship was investigated for safety violations two years ago over safety concerns. 
This incident has some similarities and differences with the Sewol Ferry in South Korea that capsized last year in April. The Eastern and Sewol Ferry had more than 400 passengers. However, The Sewol Ferry had mostly kids as passengers while the Eastern Star carried older passengers. The Sewol and Eastern had safety issues and both captains saved their own life first before the passengers.


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