The blind auditions for The Voice Kids continues. The blind auditions is the very heart of “the voice” reality TV show. In the auditions contestants sing and the judges only turn their chairs when a contestant has “the voice”. The audition is followed by rounds; battles and sing-offs then the live shows. In the live shows people vote for their favourite. Some people call the live shows “the votes”.

Coach Bamboo, coach Sarah and coach Lea continued their search for the best young artists to join their teams.

Lea Salonga (Familea) team: Bianca Marbella, Reynan Dal-Anay, Stephanie Jordan, Noah Anthony Anderson, Esang de Torres and Joemar “Dodong” Lazarraga.

Bamboo Mañalac (Camp Kawayan) Romeo Espino, Atascha Mercado, Altair Aguelo, Christian Pasno, Lance Kharl Macalinao, Martina Ortiz and Luis Benedict Inciong.

Sarah Geronimo: Kyle Echarri, Zephanie Dimaranan, Gian Ale, Francis Lim, Krystle Campos, Aly.

The Voice Philippines 2 is aired every Saturday at 6:30 and Sunday at 7:30 pm. So here are the recaps for the The Voice Kids Philippines from June 27, 2015 and June 28, 2015.
Episode 7 Blind Audition Videos for June 27, 2015:

 Kiyana Bongat sings “Grenade” – she picked coach Lea

Keith Sugnot sings “Open Arms” – no one turns

 Nikki Apolinar sings “Secrets”– coach Bamboo turned for her

 Brianne Codina Sings “Shake it Off” - no one turned

Luke Alford sings “Hey Soul Sister” – three coaches turned- he picked Lea

 Blind Auditions , June 28, 2015:
 Dustin Gipala – he sings “Simpleng Tulad Mo” – no one turned

Jolianne sings “Tattooed Heart” – coach Sarah and coach Lea turned – she picked Team Sarah

Kezia Cuizon – no one turned

Sim Teves sings “Stay With Me” – three chair turner – she picked Bamboo (camp Kawayan)

Eman and Sandy, Diw-diw player, sings Just Give Me A Reason Bisaya version – coach Bamboo

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