Have you heard the word rentaru kareshi orレンタル彼氏?, The word means “boyfriend rental”.

Boyfriend rental” has long existed in Japan, China and recently in the Philippines. The services really popular in Japan and China.

Hikaru Aizawa (right) claims he makes 200k USD a night

Have you also heard the word "ossan" (おっさん)? it’s a rude term for middle aged -men in Japan. They are also available for rent. Kotaku introduced a “rent-an-old-man” service, which was about ten bucks an hour.

Renting boyfriends has different prices. There’s “Fresh” for 5,000 yen ($40.22) an hour, “Regular” for 6,000 yen ($48.26) an hour, and “Special” for 7,000 yen ($56.31) an hour.
According to Hakunetsu Live Vivid, forty percent of those who rent boyfriends are housewives. Repeat customers are fifty percent.

A certain woman who was featured on Hakunetsu Live Vivid, spent 39,000 yen ($313.71) for the six hour rental fee. Plus, she has to pay for other expenses: ($78.19) on shopping for accessories, ($32.89) on karaoke, ($117.36) on a meal, ($3.22) on sticker pictures at the arcade, ($1.61) on an arcade game

A guy named Hikaru Aizawa, claims to make up to $200,000 USD a night plus, all kinds of expensive gifts from his clients.

Women basically pay to hang out with Hikaru Aizawa, including going out for dinners, drinking and other activities. Sex is not guaranteed, and it’s said that women mainly use these services when lonely.


Beijing, China : In China women are expected to be married by their 20s if not, they will be called "sheng nu" or "leftover-women”.

A Chinese woman’s priority should get married first then career second.

To please their parents and ease the pressure on them to marry, women use rent a boyfriend services. The rate of renting one is said to be ($150) per day. There will be more charges if you introduce him to many of your relatives.

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