The search for The Voice Teens Philippines continues. The 5 artists that performed yesterday were fortunate to pass to the next round of the competition.

To watch yesterday’s performance click here: http://www.notedfiles.com/2017/05/the-voice-teens-

Today May 7, 2017 one of the artists that performed did not make it to the next round. Scroll down below to watch today’s performances.

Stages of the Competition:
On-ground and the producers' auditions:
The first stage is the producers' auditions (not shown). In The Voice Teens, ABS-CBN headed by their regional partners nationwide and abroad conduct the "Unseen Auditions."
At this stage, there will be different judges that will use the power of media to conduct three types of screening; radio auditions, online auditions and on-ground auditions where the team will travel in and out of the country to find the best of the best to participate in the next set of auditions, "The Blind Auditions."

The Blind auditions:
Artists will be given a minimum of 90 seconds to sing their audition piece. The official coaches of the show will be sitting on a chair facing away from the stage and artist. The coaches will only judge by the power, clarity, type and uniqueness of the artists singing capability. If they like what they hear and want to mentor the artist for the next stage, they will push a button on their chair that will turn the chair around to face the artists for the first time.

If a coach turns for an artist, that artist will be included in his/her team. If more than one coach turns around, an artist will pick his coach. If no coach turns, his/her journey ends momentarily (can still try to audition next time).

Each of the coaches will have a certain number of artists in his or her team who will be advancing to the next round.

There is a new addition in this competition called is the Blind Blinds. The stage is covered with a curtain and will only be dropped after his/her performance.

The Battles:
The next stage called "The Battles," (vocal showdown) a pair of artists in the team will be given a song together. They are mentored and developed by their respective coach in the process. An artist that can impress the coach will continue to compete for the next round.
For the losing artists there is still another hope. Another coach can steal you for her/his team. In this twist, a coach can steal two artists during the Battles.

The Knockouts:
Each artist will pick a song to sing and will compete within their teams. The Coaches will pick the 6 best artists in the team for the Live show.

Live shows
The "Live shows" is where the remaining artists per team perform in front the coaches, audience and Live Broadcast. Each artist will be given a song to sing for a chance to advance to the finals.
During the first two Live shows, each coach will pick three of his/her artists in a head-to-head battle to win the public's vote. The voting results are announced on the same night as the live shows. The coaches have the power to save one artist that had not received the public's vote that week. The artist not chosen by their coach will be eliminated from the competition.

At the end of the first two Live shows, only four artists per team will proceed. From the third and fourth live shows, the public and the coaches will have equal share of power on which artist would advance to the final four, with each team being represented by one remaining artist. During the finals, the winner will only be decided upon by the public through different platforms.

The artist of the competition that will received most votes will be crowned as The Voice teen.

Here are videos of today’s performances:
May 7, 2017

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“It’s a matter of consistencies from top to end,” said Bamboo. “Your notes were were just right. You have a great voice,” said Sharon.
“I love everything about it from start to end,” said Lea. “You sing like a pro,” said Sarah. 
Fatima Lugueras picks Team Sarah


Duen (DJ):
Coach Bamboo turn his chair for Duen.
“You have a great talent,” said Sharon Cuneta. “Great song choice. There’s some technical issues but great performance,” said coach Bamboo.


No one turn for Angelica.
“There’s power and sweetness in your voice,” said Sharon Cuneta. “I think your were nervous but you sing out your heart,” said Sarah Geronimo.
Personally, I think that this girl deserves a spot in this competition. But well... I hope she won’t give up singing. She really has a sweet voice.

Coach Lea turn her chair for Felipe :
“You have personality while singing,” said Sarah Geronimo. “I knew you can sing,” said Lea Salonga.


“Your performance was flawless beautifully sung,” said coach Bamboo.
“I love your voice and the delivery of the song,” said Sharon Cuneta.
“I’m amazed by you. It’s so beautiful. Thank you for sharing your talent to us,” said Sarah Geronimo.
Heather Hawkins joins Team Sharon.

Heather picking Sharon is really a smart choice. Forty years singing and coaching other girls other coaches can’t beat that.


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